Mat Young - (Freddie Filmore as Clarence Oddbody)

Betzabeth Castro - (Sally Applewhite as Mary Hatch)
Michael Wright - (Jake Laurents as George Bailey)
Danielle Gervais - (Lana Sherwood as Violet Bick et al) 
Tom Torpey - (Harry "Jazzbo" Heywood as Henry Potter et al)
Rich Mancini - (Willie Carmichael-SFX Artist as Uncle Billy)
Richard Warren - (Barney Lewis as Angel Joseph et al)

CJ Nolan - (Wild Bill Hadley as Peter Bailey et al)
Elayne Gordon - (Madge Miner as Rose Bailey et al)
​Tim Brandt - (Doug Donaldson as Harry Bailey et al)

Justin Puzzio - (Grant Lipton-Asst SFX Artist)

Tanya Feduik-Smith - (Director / Production Design)
Maig Smith - (Stage Manager / Asst. Director)
Max Graham - (Booth Op)

Christopher Greenhill - (Graphic Design)
John R Smith Jnr - (Producer)

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