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SIX 2017 OnStage Nominations :

Outstanding Cast in a Play (WINNER)

Outstanding Play

Outstanding Direction of a Play - Michael Mele

​Outstanding Actor in a Featured Role in a Play - Joe Zumbo

​Outstanding Actor in a Featured Role in a Play - Ian C Smith

Outstanding Actor in a Leading Role in a Play - Ryan Shea

NINE 2017 Broadwayworld CT Nominations :

Best Play

Best Ensemble in a Play

Best Director of a Play - Michael Mele

Best Actor in a Play - Ryan Shea

Best Featured Actor in a Play - Ian C Smith

Best Featured Actress in a Play - Vicki Pellitier

Best Featured Actress in a Play - Hannah Pearsal

Best Younger Actor (Under 25) - Ian C Smith

Best Younger Actress (Under 25) - April Lichtman

"Brash, crazy, exciting and hilariously conceived ... one of the most innovative productions of the theatrical year ... a thrilling, non-stop roller-coaster ride " - Jim Ruocco (From the Desk of Jim R)

"a young, talented, vibrant cast ... as solid as Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata" "well-staged, well-directed and well produced hilarious satire." - Wayne Keeley (Pillow Talking /He Says)

"a truly extraordinary ... Each character was so layered, so rich and ... incredibly nuanced" "alternatingly raunchy, funny, and dark, ... It is a poignant look at real-life situations and real people, albeit over-the-top ones. ... This one is surely a must-see" Stephanie Lyons-Keeley of (Pillow Talking She Says)

"Bitingly funny" "Cleverly constructed" & "Quite Amazing" - Nancy Sasso Janis (OnStage Blog)

Dog Sees God won the 2004 Excellence Award for Best Overall Production when it premiered at the New York International Fringe Festival.

It also was awarded the 2005 GLAAD Media Award for Best Off-Off-Broadway production, and the 2006 Broadway.com Audience Award for Favorite Off-Broadway Production.

Meet the Cast and Crew of Burt V Royal's darkly comedic and heartwarming look at the emotional struggles of self-definition, peer pressure, sexual identity and rest of the pitfalls of High School life. Don't miss this parodical snapshot of teen angst taken through the unauthorized lens of one of the most beloved comic strips in history.
Ryan Shea as CB in VTC's DOG SEES GOD

Ryan Shea


Anna Lynch as CB's Sister in VTC's DOG SEES GOD

Anna Lynch

(CB's Sister)

Ian C "Orion"Smith


Ian C Smith as Van in VTC's DOG SEES GOD
Karl HInger as Beethoven in VTC's DOG SEES GOD

Karl Hinger


Joe Sumbo as Matt in VTC's DOG SEES GOD

Joe Zumbo


Vicki Pellitier as Tricia York in VTC's DOG SEES GOD

Vicki Pelletier
(Tricia York)

Hannah Pearsal as MArcy in VTC's DOG SEES GOD

Hannah Pearsall


April Lichtman as Van's Sister in VTC's DOG SEES GOD

April Lichtman

(Van's Sister)

Michael R Mele Director of VTC's DOG SEES GOD

Michael R Mele


Maig Smith VTC Resident Stage Manager

Maig Smith

(Stage Manager)

Tanya Feduik-Smith VTC Co-AD

Tanya Feduik-Smith


John R Smith Jnr VTC Co-AD

John R Smith Jnr


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