Assassins | November 2014

The Bijou Theatre | Dir: Kevin Pelkey

Musical Director: Jerold Goldstein

Photo Credits: Kevin McNair

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John Wilkes Booth: Marc Christopher Improta
(Nominated for 2015 OnStage Critics Awards (CT/NY) Region - Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Musical)
The Proprietor: John Warakomski
Sara Jane Moore: Lauren Linn
Leon Czolgosz: Bill Warncke
John Hinkley: Dan Travers
Giuseppe Zangara: Juan Ayala
Sam Byck: Mike Mele
Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme: Renee Kat
Balladeer: Garth Lando West
Charles Guiteau: Ben McCormack
Lee Harvey Oswald: Joe Cardozo
Emma Goldman: Lisa Dahlstrom
With: Everton G Ricketts, Ryan Shea, Heather Abrado, Ava Gallo, Heather Cognome, Emma Cenholt-Haulund
Directed by: Kevin Pelkey
Musical Direction by Jerold Goldstein


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