Backstage and Behind the Scenes at the

Repertory Productions of Hamlet &

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

May 2014 |The Bijou Theatre

Hamlet Dir: Mat Young | R&G Dir: Jeremy Funke

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Nominated for 2015 OnStage Critics Awards (CT/NY) Region - Outstanding Cast in a Play
"intriguing and will certainly spark debate among its audience. Which is what Hamlet should do every time." Onstageblog.com
Recap from abloginct.com
Hamlet: Jeremy Funke
Claudius: John R. Smith Jnr.
(Nominated for 2015 OnStage Critics Awards (CT/NY) Region - Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Play)
Gertrude: Leigh Katz
Horatio/Tragedian: Justine Weisinger
Ophelia: Lynnette Victoria
Laertes/Lead Player: Kevin McGuire
Polonius: Sam Mink
Guildenstern: Julie Thaxter-Gourlay
Rosencrantz: Mat Young
Marcellus/Lucianus/Tragedian: Chloe Parrington
Bernardo/Gravedigger/Alfred: Ryan Shea
Ghost/Player King/Osric/Tragedian: Rob Pawlikowski
Player Queen/English Ambassador/Tragedian: Kate Fletcher

Hamlet Directed by: Mat Young
R&G are Dead Directed by: Jeremy Funke


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