The Scarlet Letter| October 2016

Gonzaga Auditorium | Dir: Tanya Feduik-Smith

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ONE OF THE BEST PLAYS  OF  2017 - Jim Ruocco - From the Desk of Jim R
"dark humor, sensuality, a bit of witchery, ... Feduik-Smith did an outstanding job of bringing out the strength and fierce independence of The Scarlet Letter’s female characters" Pillow Talking (She Said)
"true art performed by true artists ... performed with such a high caliber of professionalism and artistry  ... Ms. Feduik-Smith's staging and blocking were exemplary ... she did not disappoint. Nor did the talented cast that she assembled. " Pillow Talking (He Said)
"raw, simple and natural ... brilliantly acted and orchestrated under Feduik-Smith's steadied direction." From the Desk of Jim R, Take 2

Pearl - Betzabeth Castro

(Nominated for 2017 Broadwayworld. com Awards (CT Region) - Best Younger Actress/under age 25)

(One of 2017's Best Performances by an Actress in a Play - Jim Ruocco)

Hester Prynne - Thursday Savage
(One of 2017's Best Performances by an Actress in a Play - Jim Ruocco)
Arthur Dimmesdale - Juan Ayala
(One of 2017's Best Performances by an Actor in a Play - Jim Ruocco)
Roger Chillingworth - Ainsley Andrade
Governor Bellingham - David Gant
Master Brackett - Enrique Rivera
Mistress Hibbins - Tanya Feduik Smith

Directed by - Tanya Feduik Smith
(One of 2017's Best directors of a Play - Jim Ruocco)



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